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iDreamingTV (originally called Yaitya Makkitura) was created in 1998 by the SA Aboriginal community at a meeting facilitated by David Wilson which was held at Nunku Warin Yunti in Adelaide South Australia. The meeting was a result of community interest in establishing an Indigenous screen and multi media organisation. Present were a number of members of the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander community including Umeewara Media representatives and local Indigenous artist. The meeting referenced recommendations from the report ‘Whyallin Media and Multi Arts’.

From the community meeting recommendations were put forward to the South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC) in 1998. As a result, iDreamingTV was given operational funding as a screen culture organisation.

iDreamingTV went onto create the first Indigenous screen professional development training initiatives in South Australia which included partnership’s with TAFESA and the Media Resource Centre (MRC) to run a number of training initiatives in screen development. iDreamingTV also created the first Indigenous drama initiative in SA from which a short film called Ngoppun, directed by well known SA Indigenous dancer/choreographer Gina Rings was made. The film was screened on SBS.

In it's last year of funding from the SAFC iDreamingTV was approved to begin a survey of much of the South Australian Indigenous community across South Australia which was one of its main objectives. This historic endeavor would change the direction and life of the organisation.

The historic statewide community survey

From the period, approximately 2005-2010 in addition to SAFC funds iDreamingTV received extra funding for the survey from Australian federal government agencies including the Indigenous Coordination Centre and FAHCSIA. iDreamingTV conducted a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative survey across much of South Australia of Indigenous individuals, community organisations, including individuals and teams working in government agencies running Indigenous programs. SA Indigenous people were asked what they wanted to see happen in the screen and multimedia areas in relation to training, employment, production, protocols and festivals from their own point of view.

iDreamingTV then convened a South Australian Multi-Agency reference committee (Klynton Wanganeen, Wallace McKitrick, Bill Wilson, Crystal Murray) to assist in the analysis of the several hundred page survey results. From this a needs analysis report was created called Summary OFTowards an Aboriginal Film and New Media Sector Strategy for South Australia 2010-2020, - an information paper from the multi-agency reference committee convened by iDreamingTV, September 2010. From this document a strategy was then developed called In Front of the Future.

In Front of The Future Strategy 2020 2030

Since its release in 2011 the In Front of the Future strategy has been implemented with Indigenous communities throughout South Australia.

During the development of its strategy iDreamingTV also conducted research into the meaning of multi media, trans-media and new media arts. It was decided in consultation with its SA screen and media arts reference group that the word ‘new media arts’ would be included in iDreamingTV description of its activities. iDreamingTV decided that new media arts would signify any artform under a broad scope of meaning and particularly arts which combined with other arts to create a new or augmented forms of art.

During its final strategy development iDreamingTV commissioned a number of screen and arts consultants (Jenny Fraser, David Channing, David Jowsey and Wal Saunders) to assist with the implementation of its strategy. One of iDreamingTV’s goals was to have an outlet for the showcasing communities screen and artworks. One of the strategy consultant’s Jenny Fraser suggested iDreamingTV could create its own online channel. As a result, iDreamingTV included the creation of its own online Screen and Arts TV channel as a major objective in its strategy.

The Online Channel

The online channels main purpose is to support and promote South Australian and more widely Indigenous artist to have their profiles and artwork showcased to the world. One of the main aspects for the channel is to provide a network so artist can communicate with each other and to provide a space for artist to sell their artwork directly to buyers.

The iDreamingTV Logo

In 2016 a new logo was created for iDreamingTV by Albert Lovegrove-Buckskin the chairperson of the organisation.

iDreamingTV Board

iDreamingTV has traditionally had a small board of three and a larger reference group from its communities acting as an advisory committee on the development of the online channel and on various arts projects such as the stencil light painting initiative. iDreamingTV is now in the process of integrating communities across SA onto its board. Current staff and board members include Albert Lovegrove Buckskin, Samantha Lee and David Wilson.

Project Team members for iDreamingTV’s current Stencil Light Painting Project and the development of the Online Channel project include: Serena Gunter - Ceduna Aborginal Arts Centre, George Cooley Umoona Community - Coober Pedy, Ken Jones - Port McDonnell, Karen Glover – Adelaide, Albert Lovegrove-Buckskin – Chairperson iDreamingTV, Samantha Lee – Broadcaster Umeewarra Media, Port Augusta and David Wilson, film stencil and new media artist. Other project team members involved in the past include Bill Wilson from Adelaide and Matthew Brookes from Mount Gambier.

The current iDreamingTV reference group member’s include the above members of the project including Eric Cook from the Riverland.

Thanks also goes to SAAMBS an Indigenous training organisation which included Albert Lovegrove-Buckskin and experienced arts and media administrator and Indigenous strategist Michael Coughlan. SAAMBS developed a comprehensive media production course curriculum which has influenced the skills work iDreamingTV has done with its communities.

All Board Members Past and Present

iDreamingTV recognises and thanks all of those Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non Aboriginal people (who are too many to name) who have contributed to the establishment and ongoing development of iDreamingTV including Umeewarra Media, Whyallin Media and Multi Arts Group and SAAMBS who have contributed over the years.

Communities that we have been actively implementing our strategy with over the last 5 years include Ceduna, Coober Pedy, Port Augusta, Riverland, Bordertown, Mount Gambier, Millicent, Port McDonnell and Adelaide with outreach conducted at Port Lincoln, Kooniba and Whyalla.

As the online channel grows we hope to engage with all of our communities we originally conducted our survey with and communities across Australia and international Indigenous communities.

In Front of the Future

As the strategy name suggest iDreamingTV is always seeking new ways to engage and present the ancient culture of Indigenous communities through the arts.

Our Website/App

After extensive consultation and research over a year long period iDreamingTV decided to go with a Progressive Web App (PWA) for its website/app. A PWA is a website and a mobile app all in one and can operate offline to a degree. The content management system (CMS) being used is Craft.

Our website designers are Karmabunny. Check them out here:

Aboriginal Graphic Art on the Website

Much of the Aboriginal styled graphics on the website were created by the talented graphic artist Jordan Lovegrove from Karko Creations. Check out his website here:


This website and app project was funded by the Indigenous Languages and Arts (ILA) Program of the federal government department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications.