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Install iDreamingTV
Tap then 'Add to Home Screen'.


iDreaming Shop Info

iDreaming TV has created an ability for you to tell our visitors that your art is for sale and a method for users to contact you.

When you are adding items in your profile simply tick the box "Item is for sale" and enter a price in the adjacent field.

This will place the item into our 'Shop' section where it can be viewed and a visitor can opt to contact you if they wish to purchase the item.

Note that iDreaming TV does not process any payments or get involved in the transaction in any way. The purpose of the Shop is to put you together with a potential buyer for your work.

Having items in the Shop will be free for the first 3 months post launch.

Pricing for having items in the Shop after 3 months will be as follows:

  • $3 per month - up to 10 items
  • $5 per month - unlimited items